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Welcome to the AthleticLIVE Timer Update, the newsletter that keeps you up to date on AthleticLIVE features and explains how you can include them in your meets. You've been added to this newsletter because you have created at least one meet on AthleticLIVE.

This first edition will outline a few Cross Country components we've recently added. Future emails will be smaller and only illuminate one or two new features.

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Cross Country Compiled LIF Scoreboard

If you do splits in Cross Country or have over 350 runners in a race, please try our new LIF scoreboard. You get the following benefits:

  1. Edit splits at any time, and they'll appear on the live scoreboard, even if you're on split 4 and you edited something at split 1.
  2. View a compiled grid of split times and team scores in addition to seeing a list of times and scores at each split.
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Show final team scores on the XC Scoreboard

Until now, cross country team scores have taken incomplete teams into account unless you explicitly excluded teams per-event in the admin. While this keeps the scoreboard truly real-time, it may not be the best for championship meets. When you enable final team scores on the live scoreboard, no team scores will appear until the correct number of scorers have crossed the line. For example, the first team will have 15 points until the next team has all of their scorers finish.

For championship meets, either use final team scores or exclude incomplete teams before the race starts. The latter is best as you don't have to wait until all scorers cross the line, but you have to know what the incomplete teams are beforehand. If you don't know, check "Show only final scores on the live scoreboard?" to activate this functionality.

XC ResulTV Scoreboard

If you have ResulTV, you can display finish and split cross country scores with AthleticLIVE.

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Override scoring settings per event

At most cross country meets, all events have 5 scorers and 2 displacers and use either the NFHS or NCAA tiebreaker. But what if you are doing a meet that has both college and high school races? Or, what if one event has 5 scorers and another event as 4 scorers? Now, if you upload your events prior to the meet, you can override scoring settings per-event.

Upload final results from RunScore or from any meet management system using AthleticLIVE CSV format

If you have RunScore, you can upload final results to AthleticLIVE.

If you have another meet management system that we don't yet support, you can always upload final results using CSV format.

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