AthleticLIVE Timer Update

Good afternoon,

Happy Holidays from the AthleticLIVE team. I hope you have a wonderful holiday planned with family and friends. I also hope you had an awesome cross country season and that you're excited for the start of indoor track :).

Before your season starts, feel free to let me know if you have any questions or if there are any new features you'd like to see. We have a bunch of really cool ideas in the pipeline, and we look forward to communicating those to you on a bi-weekly basis as we release them over the next few months.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please contact me at

Good luck with your meets this weekend!

- Ben

10 Underrated Features

AthleticLIVE has a few under-the-radar features. As we begin a new season, think about trying these features out and taking your live results game to the next level.

  1. Show compiled and heat-by-heat results from FinishLynx.
  2. Show live qualifiers from FinishLynx while an event is in progress.
  3. Send automated, branded result tweets when final results are posted.
  4. Export images from FinishLynx to live results.
  5. Protest Management. Define how long results remain unofficial, when they change to official, and how long the protest period is.
  6. You can now upload logos to the meet homepage. Create a meet and scroll down to "Upload a Meet Logo".
  7. If you want to upload your entire meet schedule at once instead of one-by-one, create a CSV and send it to
  8. Link your Meet and get logos and PRs/SRs from
  9. Add a permanent message to the meet homepage to inform of weather delays, DQs, etc.
  10. Add Static Links to point users to important meet documents, such as a course map, a webcast link, a meet brochure, or an HTML list of entries. 
Automated College Logo Matching

Whenever you upload teams, we will automatically match your team names with Direct Athletics team names as long as 65% of your teams have matches. This ensures that logo matching only happens for college teams. Then, we'll show logos next to those team names on the live results.

We also offer a matching tool if you use a different entry system or if you need to match a couple of teams whose names do not exactly match DA names.

Want logos for high school teams? Use entries, and we'll show team logos next to team names in the live results as long as those teams have logos in

View heat sheets and records on the live scoreboard

If you upload heat sheets before your meet, you will be able to view those heat sheets on the live scoreboard. Records and notes will appear as well. Before this upgrade, if you wanted to view heat sheets, you had to leave the live scoreboard and go to the corresponding event page.

Automatically set advancement formulas heat sheet upload

Our live qualifier functionality allows you to see who is currently in a qualifying position as results are clicked in FinishLynx or as heats are uploaded from HyTek. Previously, you had to enter the number of qualifiers manually. Now, we retrieve the total number of qualifiers and the top per-heat qualfiiers from HyTek uploads.

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