AthleticLIVE Timer Update

Good afternoon everyone,

What a weird month it has been. I hope everyone is staying safe and making the best of this crazy situation. I have good days and bad days. Going for a run helps. So does digging into code and building new features. Everything will be back to normal at some point, and the key is to be as prepared as possible when the restart comes.

To help with your own preparation for the resumption of our sport, we will be offering a series of "Learn AthleticLIVE" webinars that explain how to use all of AthleticLIVE's features. Join us on Wednesday evenings starting on April 29 at 8PM ET. We'll start with the basics, then head into our deep featureset to show all the cool extras you can offer your meets in addition to standard entries and results. Webinars will last around an hour, give or take 15 minutes.

Here are the dates and topics of the first 4 webinars. More details are available in the body of this email. We will be adding more webinars in the near future. If you have a topic you'd like us to cover, please let me know.

  1. April 29, 8PM ET - Track and Field Basics: Create an AthleticLIVE Meet and connect HyTek and FinishLynx
  2. May 6, 8PM ET - FinishLynx Fun: Splits, Live Standings, and Qualifiers
  3. May 13, 8PM ET - Advanced Features: Protest Management, Data, Timer Top 3 Tweets, and more
  4. May 20, 8PM ET - Automatically export finish line images from FinishLynx as you mark times

I hope to see you at an upcoming webinar. Stay safe!

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please contact me at

- Ben

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April 29, 8PM ET - Track and Field Basics

Learn the basics of uploading meet management data and real-time finish results to AthleticLIVE. After this webinar, you should be able to provide amazing live results to your meets.

  • Create a meet on AthleticLIVE. Review all of the options timers have when creating AthleticLIVE meets. We'll run through the entire Create a Meet form and explain each feature. You'll use some every meet, and you'll only use others once in a blue moon.
  • Upload live results from HyTek. Upload teams, a schedule, and entries before your meet. Upload results during your meet. If you're not using FinishLynx, we'll show how you can upload heat-by-heat results for a more real-time feel.
  • Upload real-time results from FinishLynx. As you mark results in FinishLynx, watch them instantly appear on the live scoreboard.
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May 6, 8PM ET - Real-time FinishLynx Fun

Learn how to get the most out of FinishLynx and provide true real-time results to your meets.

  • Splits: We'll give a brief overview of how to do splits in FinishLynx and how they look on the AthleticLIVE real-time scoreboard. We'll also give tips on how to program your mouse to collect splits more efficiently.
  • Compiled results: When you have multi-heat events, show unofficial results while the event is in progress.
  • Real-time qualifiers with bubble time: When you're on a qualifying event, give everyone up-to-the-second information about current qualifiers and what an athlete must do to reach qualifying position
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May 13, 8PM ET - Advanced Live Results Features

There's more to live results than just results. It's about communicating the current state of every event in your meet. We'll review a few features to help you bring your live results game to the next level.

  • Connect your AthleticLIVE and meets: Show team logos, athlete PRs/SRs, and relay SRs.
  • Protest Management: For large meets, start a protest period when results are uploaded. If a protest is lodged, change the event status to "Under Protest". When the protest is resolved, remove the protest status.
  • Top 3 Result Tweets: When new results get uploaded, tweet top 3 results to your Twitter account. Allow authorized third-parties to receive these tweets as well (e.g. meet directors, school athletic accounts).
  • Custom Notes: Add a custom note to the meet homepage or any event page.
  • Score Spreadsheets: Get a breakdown of how a team scored its points.
  • Records and Record Breakers: View a meet's records and anyone who broke a record.
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May 20, 8PM ET - Automatically export finish line images

Show athletes what they looked like the exact millisecond that they crossed the line! Increase transparency and engagement with finish line images.

  • Download AthleticLIVE Local: Our middleware program, AthleticLIVE Local, must be installed on one of your timing computers.
  • Review Settings: We'll explain how to configure your image export settings to create the perfect image.
  • Generate test images: Before turning on image export, make sure everything is connected correctly.
  • Watch it happen: See your images appear on-screen. View athlete and event finish lines photos after uploading final results.
  • Why should I show finish line images?: Many timers are hesitant to show these images without prior review. We'll explain why you should put that hesitation to rest.
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